Monday, April 23, 2012

Clean on me - Soap & Glory Body Wash - Review

Hey Chicas,

As promised in my summer favourites here is my review on Clean on me by Soap & Glory. 

What the product claims:
With natural mandarin peel extract and bonus Built in Body lotion

My Experience: 
The shower cream is a pinky white cream liquid which smells amazing. It almost has the consistency of a body lotion. I have an extremely sensitive dry skin and I prefer using a medicated soap now for years. But, I really was tempted to try this one as I had read, it works great on sensitive skin. And the reviews have been bang on. I now have a body wash I can switch to without worrying about my skin too much rather than using a boring medicated soap. The smell is great and leaves the skin clean but well moisturized & soft. It has a sort of vanilla cream & very mild citrus smell to it. Not too overpowering but just right so the smell lingers on post your shower. I absolutely adore the retro pictures on the packaging. I only wish these guys had a store in India these products are available in UK in Boots and that's where I picked up mine from. 


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